Thursday, November 1, 2012

Burberry Lip Cover

I've mentioned before that Burberry Lip Cover is my favorite high end lipstick formula. I only have 3 shades but each of these feels lightweight and wears comfortably on the lips. They are also non drying.

These lipstick have satin finish, and are rose scented. I personally quite like the scent, but some people might be bothered with it.

The three shades I own are:
  • Blush : Warm medium pink, this is the shade I wears daily.
  • Union Red : Finally, a red that works for my skintone. This is the only red I've found that didn't make me think "I look weird..." when I wear it.
  • Rosewood : Brown-ish pink. This shade applies lighter than it looks. And definitely prettier than it sound. I've read that this shade applies differently on different people.

    And now for the swatches:

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