Saturday, November 3, 2012

Shiro Cosmetic Intertubes

Intertubes are Shiro Cosmetic's take on colored lip balm. The colors can be worn sheer, or build to opacity. They cost $6.50 for 5.5gr for the full size, and they also have mini and sample sizes. What I love with these, is how dewy the finish look. They are also quite comfortable to wear.

On the website she warned that these products stains, so be careful when you wear them.

Now on to the colors:
Note that these are all worn sheer-ly. I only have the sample size of Over9000 and Richrolled and it's hard to build up color when you're applying with finger.

Why Not Zoidberg:
It's a wearable bright coral. The formula is smooth and looks dewy. This is my favorite among these 3. It's bright, but it has a translucent quality to it, which makes it wearable. I don't usually wear brights, but I felt comfortable wearing this.

Over 9000:
Cool medium pink. I feel that this shade clash with my skintone. The formula is the same as zoidberg, it's smooth and has a dewy finish.

Red orange, close to Why not Zoidberg, but has more red in it. I have this in the sample size, and it felt dry and patchy to touch, but feels fine once it's on the lips.

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