Monday, July 23, 2012

Tony Moly TR07 Nail Polish

tony moly tr07 nail polish

This polish my cousin's favorite polish, so I ask her to send me a bottle to try. I think it's called grey pink, but on the bottle it's only written as tr07.

Overall it's an easy polish to apply, it has nice consistency and seems to self level. The finish is semi matte, so if you like shiny nails like I do, you'll need a top coat.
I wear this with OPI natural nail base coat and sache vite top coat and I start getting tip wear around day 3. So... not too bad but could be better.

I can see why she likes it. It's a soft and flattering polish to wear. I say if you love nude-ish nails and can find this brand around you, give this one a try. It's also a very office friendly color.

Another thing, it's a bit hard to see but on my ring finger I added a coat of Etude House Matte Real Nail Top Coat, then did a shiny top coat as a french tip.

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