Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Neutral Polish Comparisons

Sooo yeah, the colors looks somewhat similar to me on the bottle and they all gave that similar subtle elegance feel to me when worn, so I decided to see how similar or different these polish actually are.

From left to right we have:
1. Tony Moly - TR07 Grey Pink
2. OPI - Tickle My Francey
3. Rescue Beauty Lounge - Plie
4. OPI - Miso Happy with This Color

So how do they turns out? check out the swatches below.
I found that tony moly actually has the best formula and is opague in 2 coats. RBL Plie needs 3 coats and both of the OPI needs 4 coats. Actually even with 4 coats you can see the nail line with Tickle my Francey.

ps: I stopped adding the tony moly after 2 coat, and stopped the RBL after 3 coats.

Another question you might have is how similar is Plie to Miso Happy With This Color ? RBL is slightly warmer and leans a bit more peachy while Miso Happy With This Color is a bit cooler and pinker. I personally still prefer RBL Plie (it's one of my HG polish!) but considering how hard it is for me to get my hand on plie, the OPI version would have to do while I ration my RBL Plie.

They are close enough dupe though, so unless you're really looking at it, you can probably mix them on your finger and most people wouldn't notice that you have 2 different polish on your hand.

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