Thursday, December 13, 2012

BB Cream Series - Skin79 Absolute Total BB Cream

This is the first post on my BB Cream series. Over the next few days I will go through some of the BB Creams I own.

The first one is Skin79 Absolute Total BB Cream.
This BB Creams has SPF37 and PA +++ and has wrinkle improvement and whitening among the claims. But how does it perform?

This BB Cream is floral scented, and has sheer coverage. The finish is natural leaning to glowy and doesn't really have oil control ability.
The texture is thick, and creamy.

This is the amount I applied on my skin.

And now the before and after:
These are taken in the same light condition, a few minute apart.

Overall I would not re-purchase this, mostly because it kinda breaks me out when used several days in a row, and I have other BB Creams that I like better. Keep in mind though that I do have sensitive skin that is very acne prone.

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