Sunday, October 14, 2012

OPI - Don't Touch My Tutu

This polish is part of the OPI New York City Ballet collection which consist mostly of soft and sheer colors.
Don't touch my tutu is a sheer slightly off white color. And by sheer I mean really sheer. The formula is very watery, but it applied smoothly.

The picture above is 4 coats, and no top coat. As you can see it's still sheer even after 4 coats.
At one coat, it's nearly invisible on my nail.

I typically hates sheer polish. It seems pointless to me. But this one? somehow I like it.
The white is not stark, it's soft white. That combined with the translucency of it creates an image of clean delicate nails.

Another way to wear this polish is with french or funky french manicure. I found that when I do funky french, a layer of sheer color on top makes the color blends better.

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